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Entwicklung Schmiedetechnik Hammerteil

Innovative Lösungen für Ihren Erfolg

Innovative solutions for your success

Hammerteile, Pressteile, und Stauchteilen sowie
dokumentationspflichtige Sicherheitsteile und Präzisionsschmiedestücke

Amongst hammer, press and upset-forged pieces, safety components, where documentation is mandatory, and precision forgings are above all part of our large manufacturing program. We are proficient in all current heat treatments.

Kaltumformung, Halbwarmumformung oder Warmumformung

No matter if cold, warm or hot forming: Dr. Bergfeld Schmiedetechnik is in any case your competent contact partner. We machine nearly all materials. This includes, in addition to all steel types, non-ferrous materials like cobalt, nickel and brass as well as all non-oxidizing, heat and acid resistant materials.

Präzisionsschmiedestücke für Lenkungen, Getriebe und Bremsen

As a sole supplier, we manufacture precision components specifically for steering, gearing, brakes and other safety- relevant areas for our customers from the automobile industry If required, we are also able to supply our customers with mechanically machined components via a network of experienced service providers.

In addition, we offer special surfaces: