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Our range of services

Our company is heading towards growth. More and more customers count on our expert knowledge in construction in order that they secure a technologically competitive advantage.

Spindelpressen - bis 1.400t Presskraft Schmied am Schmiedehammer


Thanks to the variety of our machines we are in the position to combine different ways of forging in order to react flexibly to the demands of our customers. We develop custom-made products which satisfy your demands 100%.

Maxipressen mit 500 bis 1.300 t Presskraft


Time is money. Only after a period of six weeks we can deliver prototypes manufactured with serial tools to our customers by using the latest technology.

And only after 8 weeks the serial production can be launched. With this very short turn-around time from inception to completion, the costs can be considerably reduced. An advantage everyone will benefit from.

Simulation eines Schmiedeteils

Perfection through simulation

When talking about precision forgings, no company can do without modern simulation software. We use a particular software that on the one hand has proven to be high-performance, on the other hand a reliable tool. Our experienced team has extensive knowledge in using this the simulation software as well as the hardware which allows them to detect and eliminate possible failures and problems at an early stage, even before the construction of the tools starts! There is one more plus: Material can be considerably saved. The result is a perfect solution according to the wishes and requirements of our customers.

Prozesssicherheit durch optimieren Prozessabläufe

Process stability

Dr. Bergfeld Schmiedetechnik assures you that all our services are carried out in compliance with confirmed delivery dates and reliability. Even before the start of the actual tool production, we can avoid errors and optimize the process flow by using an FMEA of the forging process on the basis of our simulation data. Process stability and precision are our top priority.

Optimale Produkteigenschaften

Optimal product features

The grain flow influences the stability and the functionality of forged pieces. With our simulation technology, we can precisely determine the homogenous flow and manufacture products that are equipped with optimal constructive features. Also for the precise control of the temperature sequence during the forging process we count on this tool which has proven reliable. That way, we avoid in advance burnings and soft spots.