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Precision forgings

Precision forgings with ready-made planes of action A special focus of our product range are forged pieces with ready-made planes of action.

We guarantee:
  • Roughness deep Wurzel aus (Rz25) for warmforged parts
  • Roughness deep Wurzel aus (Rz10) for coldforged parts
  • precision ± 0,04 of both of the forging dies, also toward one another

These surfaces are free of skin decarburization and therefore can be hardened inductively. Talking about product development – if you take best yield strength materials into account, i.e. processes that make a controlled cooling-down from the forging heat possible, you can save not only milling but also heat treatment expenses.

Considering the complete production process, the most cost-effective solution always takes center stage in the relationship with our customers.

randentkohlungsfreie Oberflächen
Fertigung von Präzisionsschmiedestücke

Precision is the key word when design valves and fittings are manufactured.

Using a special tool, we are able to simulate the light refraction and produce perfect surfaces on this basis.