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Our strengths

Stauchteile mit dreiteiliger Formgebung

Apart from precision and design components, we also manufacture with high cost-effectiveness elements which are forgeable several times as well as particularly delicate components with a low draft angle (1°). Furthermore, upset forgings (three part forming) and best yield strength processes (controlled cooling-down from the forging heat) are part of our core know-how.

We manufacture forgings for the following part families:

  • steering
  • gearing
  • cardan shaft
  • axle
  • brake
  • valves and fittings
  • bolts per drawing and
  • bolts per drawing and
Lenkung, Getriebe, Kardanwelle, Achse, Bremse, Armaturen, Zeichnungsschrauben und Verzahnungen, dokumentationspflichtige Sicherheitsteile, Präzisionsschmiedestücke
Sonderlösungen für unsere Kunden

Special solutions for our customers

Part of our customers’ needs is not only the manufacturing of serial components, but also special solutions in small quantities.
No matter if you need reforged golf clubs, prostheses, bolts per drawing with a special tooth system or components with special grain flow – we make your plans possible.